How you benefit

Mobile Access @home - Safe and reliable

Safe and reliable

Lost keys are no longer a security or cost risk thanks to dormakaba – the access solutions experts with over 150 years’ experience.

Mobile Access @home - Secure technology

Secure technology

We don’t use cloud storage – our security solution is based on BLE/NFC technology.

Mobile Access @home - Versatile


A choice of different access keys: card, key fob or smartphone.

Mobile Access @home - Quick and easy

Quick and easy

Easy for anyone to set up on a smartphone.

Mobile Access @home - Convenient


Delete and add access keys or temporally restrict access at any time.

Mobile Access @home - Peace of mind

Peace of mind

See who entered and left your house at which times.

Ordering Mobile Access

A dormakaba partner involved in the campaign will be happy to prepare a non-binding quote based on the onsite door situation.

Mobile Access @home - Ordering Mobile Access

Our entry-level evolo smart Starter Kit offer for one door includes:

  1. Digital cylinder
  2. Access medium – key card
  3. Access medium – key fob
  4. Master B programming card
  5. Multitool
  6. evolo smart & mobile access apps
  7. Access, installation and commissioning services by dormakaba partners
The digital cylinder controls your access with a high level of security and excellent design standards.
Additional cards are available as accessories.
Additional key fobs (RFID key fobs) are available as accessories.
The master B programming card is the key to dormakaba’s security solution. This is the only way to program the digital cylinder. An added plus in terms of security.
Special tool for battery replacement.
For downloading to your smartphone. Smartphone not included.
Based on 30-minute travel time each way and a standard door situation.

A dormakaba partner involved in the campaign will be happy to prepare a non-binding quote based on the onsite door situation.

from CHF 890.–

Installation incl.

Recommended retail price at participating dormakaba partners; smartphone not included.

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App Download

evolo smart und mobile access apps are free of charge. Digital keys can be obtained in the evolo smart app (Keys price list). For additional information about the technical requirements, click here.

Your household manager

Your household manager For managing offline doors, users and access on one smartphone.

Your digital key

Your digital key On your own smartphone, for everyone who needs to have access.


Why do you need two apps?

The evolo smart app regulates who has access to your door and when. This is done on a smartphone that takes on the role of household manager. mobile access is the app that opens your door. Digital keys are stored in the mobile access app. Anyone wanting to gain access using their smartphone needs to have this app installed on their mobile phone.

What is the function of the evolo smart app?

With the evolo smart app, you can manage access to your home easily and flexibly – when new housemates, your own child, your new partner or the cleaning professional need to access your home. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC) are used as interfaces to the digital door component.

What is the function of the mobile access app?

You store your digital keys in the mobile access app. When you’re standing at the door, the app itself detects which digital key can be used to open the door. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC) are used as interfaces to the digital door component.

How much do the apps cost?

The evolo smart and mobile access apps are free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Digital keys can be purchased in the evolo smart app. The "Door Events" service can be activated for a one-time fee and offers unlimited use. With this service, you can access a log at any time that shows you who has been granted access and when.

What is a digital key?

The digital key opens the door to your home. Just like a traditional key, the digital key is a personal and copy-protected key. You store digital keys in the mobile access app. This converts your smartphone into an access medium and opens the door to your home.

How do I buy a digital key?

As a household manager, you can obtain digital keys in the evolo smart app at any time. Once purchased, the digital key can be adapted to the needs of the user (time frame, day of the week, etc.) and sent to them. Sent digital keys can be deleted by the household manager whenever necessary.

How do I use a digital key?

Digital keys are stored in the mobile access app. The app becomes your digital bunch of keys. At the door, the app itself detects which digital key opens the door. Finding the right key is a thing of the past. All you have to do is hold the smartphone up to the digital door component with BLE or NFC function enabled. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Near Field Communication (NFC) are used as interfaces between the smartphone and the digital door component.

Can I forward a key?

No. Digital keys cannot be forwarded or copied for your security. Which means you can be sure that only those people to whom you have sent one have digital keys to your home.

I’ve lost my smartphone. What now?

In the evolo smart app, digital keys and access media can be deleted by the household manager at any time. This ensures no one can gain access using a stolen smartphone. You’re a household manager and you’ve lost your smartphone? With the master B programming card, you can reset and reprogram the digital door component on the front door.

What are the options for people without a smartphone?

In addition to the smartphone, other access media can also be used. The dormakaba range offers cards and key fobs (also called RFID key fobs) as alternatives. These can be registered quickly and securely in the evolo smart app using a QR code.

What do I do if I don’t want to carry a smartphone with me?

Alternative access media, such as a card or a key fob, mean you can leave your smartphone at home. With a robust, attachable key fob, for example, you’re equipped for all outdoor activities, even if it gets wet.

What do I do if the battery needs replacing?

If the digital cylinder or digital door component needs a new battery, you have a choice: you can replace the battery yourself or have a certified dormakaba partner perform this service.

How do I install the digital door component?

Your security is important to us. This is why the digital door component will be installed on your front door by a dormakaba partner participating in the campaign. After installation, you will take over management of the doors, users and access using the evolo smart app.

Have we answered all your questions? If not, you can find more information on operation and technology and configuration videos here.

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Locksmith’s workshop and cash register factory founded in Zurich by Franz Bauer – later called Kaba